contractor referral

Contractor hard at work

The single most important decision you will make during your remodel is who to hire to do the work.  Which contractor you choose can make the difference between a stress free remodel and a disaster.  If you choose to do the work yourself and be a DIY’er, that too is an important decision that is pivotal in the success of your remodel

A contractor referral – if you will be hiring a contractor – is an important part of finding the right contractor for your remodeling or home addition project. You can get contractor referrals from friends, neighbors and co-workers.  You can also use online referral services like the one at to help find qualified contractors that work your area.  You should contact 10 contractors initially when you start your remodeling project.  If you contact 10 is likely only 5 or 6 will be interested in your project and agree to meet with you.  And of those 5 or 6 only 3 or so will be interested enough to provide you with a remodeling cost quotation.


Contractor Referral Tips

  1. Contact 10 or 15 contractors and invite them to bid on your project
  2. Give the contractor as much information as you can, in writing, about your project.  Be open about your budget and expectations.  Do not “low ball” the contractor and give them a low target for your remodel.  You may not get a bid from contractors that are perfect for your project because your target price is too low.  Better to set a reasonable price and then work with the right contractor to meet your budget
  3. Get contractor referrals from online sources, newspapers, friends, neighbors, family and coworkers.
  4. Have a script to help you consistently make the first phone call with the contractor and subsequent conversations.  It is important to give each contractor the same information as well as ask the same question of each.
  5. Make notes – record the answers you receive from each remodeling contractor.