cost of addition to home

Cost of Addition to Home

Cost of adding an addition to you home varies greatly and is determined by the 4 home addition cost drivers; location, who does the work, the design and the materials you choose to you.  Most homeowners do not understand the amount of control they have over these cost drivers and too early in the planning process lock themselves into a certain type of contractor or certain design that drives the price.  To avoid this pitfall work on your budget while adjusting your choices to get a good match between what you want to spend and the cost of your home addition.

Cost of Addition to Home Cost Drivers;


Cost of addition to home is dependent on the location of your home and labor rates that contractors charge in your area. Labor rates for home additions range from 40 to 60% of the project total cost so it has a major impact.  High labor cost regions like New York and San Francisco will typically have cost of home addition labor that is 2 to 3 time more than lower cost areas.

Who does the work

There is a significant difference in labor costs between regions but also within a region labor for home additions can vary 20 to 30%.  If you do some work yourself that will also impact the cost of labor for your home addition.

The design of your Home Addition

The simpler the design of your home addition the lower the cost.  A simple square room with a flat roof built on a slab is the lowest cost home addition – as you modify this simple “block” the costs will go up for each and every change.

The materials you select

Labor makes up 40 to 60% of the cost of a home addition – the other 40 to 60% goes toward materials.  Materials make up a big part of kitchen and bathroom remodels and for these rooms you have a lot of discreation of what materials are use.  You can choose a $30 faucet or a $300 faucet, sinks can be $50 or $500.  The list goes on and on and each decision you make has a big impact on the cost of your home addition