Seems like estimating the cost to remodel a home by the square foot is the ideal solution for homeowners trying to get a quick estimate of the cost to remodel.  Unfortunately cost per square foot estimates are fine for pro’s who know their business and their costs and then consider a lot of variables for your project and your home and then rattle off “that will be about $125 per square foot” – tempered with a lot of caveats. The pro’s make the estimating process look easy – when it is anything but easy!

For most homeowners using cost to remodel based on square foot is not easy nor effective.  There are just too many variables – the type of room, the materials you will use, the design and how much if any work you will do yourself and where the home is located.  These variables combined can change the cost for a home addition or a remodel from just $35 or $40 a square foot for finishing a basement or attic to $500 a square foot and more for bathrooms and kitchens.  It all “just depends”

A better way to get a cost estimate for a remodel is to use our free – instant remodeling and home addition cost calculators.  Our remodel cost calculators use the homes location, the type of materials, who will do the work and the size of the room to give an instant cost estimate and a detailed cost breakdown for labor and materials.