Interior design ideas holiday

Photograph provided by Love Maegan

by Bonnie Joy Flamm,

There are so many different ways that you can incorporate festive accessories for the upcoming holiday. Here are a few ideas for the most creative decorating this Thanksgiving.

What would Thanksgiving dinner be without tableware that literally says “thanksgiving” on it? Plates and platters with this kind of holiday theme are not just fun, they are functional too.

If a turkey platter doesn’t do it for you, consider using turkey-themed pillow covers for just the right amount of decorative detail in the family room.

Thanksgiving themed table runners are also a beautiful alternative to traditional tablecloths. Use coordinating  table linens for a cool, crisp look.

Not everyone has enough room on their table for a large decorative turkey (in addition to the real one). Consider other options that do not take up such valuable real estate. How about a fall colored wreath in an unusual place? Try replacing a piece of artwork on a dining room wall with a  stunning, large wreath just for the holidays!