Photograph provided by Mazzali

by Bonnie Joy Designs

You know the drill: “Make your bed!” is one of the most widely heard admonitions from your childhood, complete with razor-straight “hospital” corners and the ever-tucked in bed sheet.

But cheer up, because with the advent of laptops, iPads, childen and pets that sleep with us, one of the hottest design trends for the coming year(s) is that our beds have lost a bit of their former polish.

Now, rejoice, as the “rumpled” or “unmade” bed is a fashionable trend.

How can you get this look in your own home?

First, use bedding in neutral tones (rather than stark white), which have a decidedly unpretentious vibe to them.

Second, pair complimentary and contrasting colors and forget the “matchy-matchy” look of years past.

Next, pile on a bunch of pillows in different sizes.

Finally, embrace the power and luxury of a throw but, rather than pulling it taut like a bedspread, just throw it naturally across the bed.

So the motto of the newest bedding trend for 2013 is: rumpled! Go for it.

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