Photograph by Giles Douglas

Photograph by Giles Douglas

by Bonnie Joy Designs, Interior Designer

Wall beds have been around for a long time, but boy-o-boy, have they come a long way!

Traditionally known as “Murphy” beds, these kinds of built-in systems were traditionally engineered as space-savers for small rooms — such as dorms and studio apartments. Eventually, over the years, the built-in cabinetry grew up and evolved into rooms with dual purposes — like the library and guest room shown in this picture.

Fast forward to 2013, and the newest form of the bed is now know as a “German” bed. Trust me, these are nothing like their brethren. Indeed, these beds come with so many bells and whistles that they are amazing pieces of modern innovation!

To begin with, the top portion of the casework is actually a unique display case which has three decorative glass shelves that are 1/2″ thick. Each shelf is 12″ wide and the whole case is illuminated by five 20 watt Halogen accent lights, on a three-setting dimmer.


The bottom portion contains a bed which rolls out at the touch of a remote control button. The foot-board is attached to an extending base platform. The whole thing is worthy of your attention if you are James Bond or, just the average homeowner trying to remodel a room to accommodate a bed and beautiful accents at the same time.

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