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Keeping track of various building codes and permits can be hard to do, especially when guidelines vary in different places all over the country. Here at, we’re keeping you up to date with the latest information on building permits from a wide range of locations around the United States.

So, when do you need a building permit in Georgia?

As with most areas of the country, most extensive remodeling projects or additions to your property will require a building permit. Extensive plumbing or electrical work may also require a permit. However, most cosmetic work such as painting, installing new flooring or tiling and minor roof repairs will not require a permit.

Specific guidelines will vary between towns, cities and counties so you must always check with your local Building Department or Planning Department. Even if you live in an unincorporated area, you must first check with your county’s Planning or Building Department. You can either call the office direct, but most will have all the information you need on their website. There are several types of building codes in place; these are broken down in to Mandatory State Codes, which all local Planning Departments must adhere to, and Permissive Codes, which may or may not be adopted or enforced state-wide.

There will also be different processing times for different applications; roofing work or window replacement applications can usually be processed the same day. Extensive renovations or a large home addition could take up to several weeks. However, you cannot start work without a permit.

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Posted by Dan Fritschen