Photograph provided by Maegan Tintari

by Bonnie Flamm, Interior Designer

So you are thinking of redecorating your living room and you ask yourself, “Does the art need to match the sofa?” Truth-be-told, I once bought a piece of art specifically to coordinate with my living room couch.

In fact, its not so unusual to still hear about people who go looking for art with color swatches in hand. But is that really what good design is about? After all, the whole concept of “matchy-matchy” is so ’80s…

Choosing art for a space does not come down to whether it’s the exact same shade as your fabulous new sofa. Rather, it involves knowing that the feeling of the art is in sync with the vibe of the room. That vibe is comprised of many elements, color being only one of them.

One tip that works well is when there is a hint of the art’s dominant color in the decor of the couch or vice versa. And sometimes, the colors in the art are spot on with those in your furnishings — as in this picture — and it works beautifully!

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