Photograph by Edwin Coursey

by Interior Designer,

Question: How are a Margarita and a Sisal area rug related?

Answer: The have the same “mother!”

In fact, its the Agave plant that is the common denominator here, as Sisal is a natural fiber harvested from Agave, and that same plant produces the Tequila which is found in a Margarita. How about that for a strange connection!

Sisal is very durable and soft material whose fibers are spun into a thick and supple yarn that is woven into complex patterns used to create area rugs. Sisal’s natural attributes also include being fire retardant, sound absorbing and anti-static. Sisal is also much stronger than most other natural fibers that are found in rugs — such as flax, jute and hemp.

The interest in Sisal has surged recently because it is environmentally and architecturally neutral, yet it comes in a wide variety of styles, patters and colorways.

Sisal is also a lasting player in the rug arena because of its price – which has come down significantly in the last few years.  Indeed, there are some very sweet deals to be found these days on Sisal area rugs, so make sure you shop around before you purchase.

Conclusion: The fiber that shares the same “mother” as the main ingredient in a Margarita is a budget-friendly addition to your home!

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