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To get your instant remodeling cost estimate answer just a few questions about your home and your plans in the space below.Once you have your instant cost estimate we can help you take the next step!
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  • Homeowner Questions and Answers about the Cost to Finish a Basement


    Q:  ”How to get an estimate of the cost to finish a basement?” 

    A: There are several ways to get an estimate of the cost to finish a basement.  The easiest and best way to get an initial estimate is to use the cost to finish a basement calculator on this page –  The calculator uses your location, how much work you will do yourself, your preferences for materials and the size of your basement to give you and instant estimate.  The estimate we provide is just a rough estimate – to find out how much finishing your basement will ultimately cost you will need a good and detailed set of plans, a list of materials you would like to use and the expertise of an contractor or rely on your experience to create an estimate.


    Q:  ”What is the average cost to finish a basement?”  

    A: The average cost to finish a basement is $3,000.  This includes adding a ceiling, floor and covering the walls of a typical living space in a basement.  This average combines both do-it-yourselfers and contractors.  The range of costs to finish a basement is from just a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.


    Q: How much does it cost to finish a basement?

    A:  The price to finish a basement is driven by 4 variables – where the house is located, your design to finish the basement, the materials you choose to finish the basement with and who does the work to finish your basement.  Each of these has a big impact on the cost to finish a basement and each is consider when the finish a basement cost calculator generates a quote for your basement finishing project.


    Q. How much to finish a basement?

    A: The average cost to finish a basement is $3,000.  This includes the labor and materials –  this includes both the Do-it-yourselfers and homeowners who choose to hire a contractor to finish their basement for them.

17 Responses to Basement Renovation, Redesign & Remodeling Calculator

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  2. danf says:

    I am often asked what is the average cost to finish a basement – the easy answer is $10,000! But what does that mean since no one lives in an average house or has an average design. The longer answer is that basements are very economical to finish -usually- could be $10 to $20 a square foot. Also depends on who you hire.

    The calculator on this page will help you get a quick estimate of the cost to finish YOUR basement. Then check our design gallery that has thousands and thousands of pictures of different basements that you can browse and then save, and share any ones you like – all for free!

  3. Thomas says:

    Can anyone help? I’ve got a wood stove in my basement with a big brick and slate hearth that I want to remove. It’s built on top of the cement floor. Do you think this is a job I could do myself?

  4. Jenny M says:

    It depends on the method of construction in the first place – the heart was probably built on top of the cement floor so should be straightforward to remove. If it was built as part of the floor then it’s going to be more difficult. Try removing some of the brick/slate and see the condition of the floor. You might have to rent a demo hammer for a day, but this can increase the cost to remodel the basement, so it’s up to you!

  5. Robert says:

    Worth including radon mitigation as part of the cost to remodel a basement?

  6. sid457 says:

    Did you test for excessive radon levels in your home? I guess it’s probably a good idea to factor in extra safety designs in the basement remodeling costs.

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