Finishing a basement is one of the smartest ways to create more living space in a home.  Basements are ready made family rooms or home theaters and often can house bathrooms and in-law suites.  Basements come with existing floors, walls and ceiling which can be a real cost saver but often times the ceilings are low, there are too few windows in the wall and there are moisture problems.  What do you have in your basement?


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Q:  “How to get an estimate of the cost to finish a basement?” 

A: There are several ways to get an estimate of the cost to finish a basement.  The easiest and best way to get an initial estimate is to use the cost to finish a basement calculator on this page –  The calculator uses your location, how much work you will do yourself, your preferences for materials and the size of your basement to give you and instant estimate.  The estimate we provide is just a rough estimate – to find out how much finishing your basement will ultimately cost you will need a good and detailed set of plans, a list of materials you would like to use and the expertise of an contractor or rely on your experience to create an estimate.

Q:  “What is the average cost to finish a basement?”  

A: The average cost to finish a basement is $3,000.  This includes adding a ceiling, floor and covering the walls of a typical living space in a basement.  This average combines both do-it-yourselfers and contractors.  The range of costs to finish a basement is from just a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.


Q: How much does it cost to finish a basement?

A:  The price to finish a basement is driven by 4 variables – where the house is located, your design to finish the basement, the materials you choose to finish the basement with and who does the work to finish your basement.  Each of these has a big impact on the cost to finish a basement and each is consider when the finish a basement cost calculator generates a quote for your basement finishing project.


Q. How much to finish a basement?

A: The average cost to finish a basement is $3,000.  This includes the labor and materials –  this includes both the Do-it-yourselfers and homeowners who choose to hire a contractor to finish their basement for them.


Q. What does a Basement Cost Estimator include in the estimates?

A.  The basement cost estimator includes the cost of labor and materials in the estimate and provides a detailed breakdown of the costs – by categories like: demolition, framing, drywall, plumbing, electrical, flooring.etc.  The basement cost estimator only gives a rough estimate based on averages for your type of project in your area.  The estimate is a great way to start a basement finishing project with an idea of the? cost of the project.


Q. How much lower is the cost to finish a basement versus a ground level home addition?

A. The cost to finish a basement ranges from $10 to $100 a square foot depending on a lot of variables.  Some of the big finish a basement cost drivers is the cost of the flooring, walls and ceiling.  if you install vinyl flooring, paneling on the walls and a drop ceiling then the cost will be on the low side.  If you choose tile or hardwood floor, drywall with texture for the walls and ceiling of your basement the costs are likely to be $30 per square foot and more.  For a ground level home addition the costs are similar PLUS you have to add the cost of the foundation – either a basement, crawl space or slab on grade, plus the cost of the exterior of the walls and finally the roof.  These added features drive the costs of a home addition to $100 to $400 and more per square foot.

Q. What should i use for the ceiling when I finish my basement?

A. The 3 good options are a suspended ceiling, a drywall ceiling or a wood ceiling.  Suspended ceilings for a finished basement are good for most DIY’ers to install.  They are cost effective and offer the big advantage of access to the mechanicals and framing above them.   They do have a commercial look and some people do not like that look in a finished basement.   A drywall ceiling is the best choice if you want to make your finished basement look like a part of your home.  A drywall ceiling will cost more to install and can be done by a DIY’er but requires more skill to install and finish than a suspended ceiling.  If your home has a cabin feel to it – you can install prefinished wood ceiling – much like prefinished floor or engineered laminate flooring the ceiling installs the same way.  It is a good diy project and well suited for a basement finish project.


Q: How to get a basement finish estimate?

A:  How you get a basement finishing cost estimate depends on how much time you want to invest and how much information you have. If you are just starting to consider finishing basement the best way to get an estimate is to use the cost calculator at  If you have the design complete and all the materials selected then you should get a basement finish cost estimate from a contractor or builder who has experience finishing basements.


Q:  How does a basement cost estimate calculator work?

A:  The basement cost estimate calculator uses your homes location, the size of your basement, the quality of the material you will use to finish your basement and the amount of work you will do – if any – to estimate the cost of finishing your basement.