Photograph provided by Les Stockton

by Bonnie Joy Designs

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Your floor covering is often the single largest design statement in your home, simply because it uses up the most “real estate.” Hatch your next room design and solve your decorating dilemma by buying your carpeting, wood, tile and/or area rug first. Well-chosen flooring will can inspire the personality of not only the room, but your entire house!

Furniture and art may also make bold statements, but the floor covering sets the tone of a well-orchestrated room. Why? Because it is easier to choose fabrics and tweak paint colors to match the floor rather than the other way around. And really good flooring is an investment that will enhance a room over time because (just as one example), a good area rug will age with grace, whereas upholstry begins to look shabby – and not in a cute, “shabby chic” way!

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