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No cover over the door to this home leaves visitors standing in the rain.

by Janet Akers


I was recently vacationing in Maine and ran across a number of homes with eaves that had very little overhang and no roof extension over the front door, such as the one in the photo above.  Perhaps they were designed this way because the builders liked simplicity, or perhaps it was a way of controlling front door remodeling cost.  However, I don’t find this at all welcoming or practical.  Imagine, if you will, coming home one wet, cold evening after a long day at work.  You are tired and you have your arms full of groceries.  You have to stand in the rain as you dig out your keys and fumble to get them in the lock.  Not a pretty picture!  Or maybe there is an attached garage, so you don’t have to be exposed to the elements.  That works okay for you, but your visitors will be left standing in the rain as they wait for you to open the door.  If you have packages delivered, they may also get drenched waiting on the front step.



front door remodel cost

This small house welcomes visitors with a covered entryway.


Contrast this house with one that was across the street.  It is also a small house, but feels much more welcoming because of the covered entryway.  Standing here waiting for the door to open wouldn’t be such an ordeal in the rain.  (I will admit that it also feels more welcoming because of the bright door and the sweet arched roof!)



When you remodel your home, consider adding curb appeal by providing a welcoming entryway. No roof over your entryway?  No problem, you can add one!



front door remodeling cost

When you remodel your home, add to the curb appeal by constructing a covered entryway.

If you are already planning an addition to your home, look at your entryway and see how you can make it more welcoming.  The owners of this ranch did so when they added a room over the garage.  What was a long, unappealing facade became much more interesting and welcoming with the addition of a large, covered entryway.  The addition is large enough that they could add a chair by the front door (hidden in the photo by the column).  They find the chair helpful when they need to set packages down to find their house keys.  Other options for adding interest by the front door would be potted plants (as long as they didn’t need full sun) or an interesting piece of artwork.


If you are getting ready to sell your house, consider adding to the curb appeal by constructing a covered entryway.  If you are still debating whether to stay or move, use our Remodel or Move Calculator to help you make your decision.  If you are planning a remodel, you can get a general idea of the construction cost per square foot of whatever you are planning with our room remodel and addition calculators.