A garage addition is a great home improvement project – everybody loves garages!  Your garage addition can be detached or integrated.  Often times garages are added to enlarge an existing garage or replace one that was turned into living space.

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Garage Addition


So what will your garage addition cost to construct?  The average cost per square foot for a garage addition is $40 per square foot and that includes the concrete slab, the unfinished walls and the roof and basic shingles and the garage door and a window.    The cost will vary greatly based on where your home is located and who will do the work.  If you want to insulate and finish your garage with drywall then the cost will go up at least $10 per square foot.

The cost per square foot will vary from $30 on the low side in the lease expensive areas of the USA to well over $100 a square foot in the most expensive areas for construction.  If the garage will be on a hill or require a special foundation or have an expensive brick or wood siding exterior and expensive tile or metal roof then the cost per square foot can easily exceed $200 a square foot.

If you ever wanted to try a big DIY project a garage addition is a great opportunity.  Since it is likely a room that is critical to your families day to day activities and there is typically little finish work and maybe no plumbing the garage is a good project for DIY’ers who are looking for a medium sized project.

If you want to hire a contractor for your garage addition you should be able to work with most general contractors since the skills needed to build a garage are very common and the project is big enough – cost wise- to be attractive to most contractors.  The projects that are harder to find contractors for are small home additon projects and very large projects.