heat pump water heater

new heat pump water heater


I chose an electric heat pump water heater for my home after my second story addition and entry remodel for several reasons.


Heat pump water heater versus tankless


1. Tankless would require me to upgrade my entire electrical panel from 200 amp to 300amp or more.  Heat pump water heater only required a 30amp 240 volt breaker and a 3 wire 8 gage wire.


2. Tankless requires yearly maintenance from a service tech and that I install a water softener for my hard water.  The heat pump water heater can be maintained DIY and will hold up better to the hardwater.


3. PG&E is giving me a $500 rebate on the purchase of a heat pump water heater – there is no rebate for a tankless.


4. My favorite part:)!  I can take the cool air from the heat pump exhaust – put a booster on it and use it as AC for one of the two bedrooms in the second floor addition.  We only need cooling a few nights a year in Northern California and the exhaust of the heat pump is nice and cool so with a bit of duct work that cool air can be sent in the existing duct work to the second floor bedroom.


5. Long term the energy efficiency of a heat pump water heater and a tankless water heater are close to the same  and the purchase, installation and maintenance cost of the heat pump water heater is less than a tankless for me.


6. a gas tankless would have cost less in cost to purchase, install and operate than  the electric heat pump water heater i choose but then I would be paying for and burning natural gas.  As part of my second story addition I installed a 3.6kw photo voltaic solar panel system and that will provide more than enough electricity to operate all the electric devices i have plus run this new hybrid water heater.