Photograph by Hisa Fujimoto

by Bonnie Joy, Interior Designer

In short, high tech lighting = fiber optics! With this alternative, beams of light from a single, centralized halogen or metal halide lamp travel optically through a flexible cable full of glass or acrylic fibers. This cable acts as a sort of light pipe that can actually pump the light to any location and emerge in any kind of bulb or diffuser you wish, including more than one.

Additionally, because the cables contain only light with no electricity, heat or UV rays, it is energy efficient and perfect for outdoors (think of Christmas and even underwater applications like pools and ponds).

Fiber optic cables can also be translucent, allowing for a glowing “rope” of light that can be used to highlight architectural features such as a staircase banister, cornice molding or the eaves of a roof line(those hard-to-get-at places in your home).

They can also be displayed as tiny “pinpoints of light” to create a dazzling starry night sky effect on a ceiling!

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