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Thanks to a number of advances, there are some very good home addition cost calculators available that can instantly give you an estimate of the cost to remodel or add on to your home.

The addition and remodel cost calculators at remodelormove.com are the best to use if you are considering remodeling or adding on since they are completely free to use and ask only the most basic questions. These include questions such as what rooms you are remodeling, where you live, your taste in materials and designs, how much of the work you will do yourself and how much your home is worth.

This information is combined with the average size of different rooms and the labor and material costs in your neighborhood to determine a reasonable cost estimate.

You can further refine many of these estimates by adding the exact size of the room you are adding on.

How accurate are these home addition cost estimates?

The estimates are very accurate based on the very little information that you give. Can they replace an estimate from a contractor or builder?

No, the estimates provided by our calculators are just quick cost estimates based on many different assumptions. Only a qualified contractor or builder can provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost for your project after a visit to your home and a detailed material specification. If you get several estimates from different contractors you will find they too vary – by just a few dollars or maybe thousands – which really shows that home addition cost estimates vary widely.

The best way to use the home addition calculators on remodelormove.com is to use them to establish your initial budget as well as experiment with changing the quality of the material and how much of the work you will do yourself. Changing these two variables will show you the range of prices you can expect to pay for your addition and how much the decisions you make can change the price of the total project.

Questions and Answers:

Question: What is a Home Addition Calculator?

Answer: A home addition calculator provides estimates the cost to build an addition onto a house.  The big variables for any home addition project and the calculator are the size of the addition, the purpose of the home addition (e.g.  will it be a garage or a kitchen home addition) the location of the home where the addition will be built and how much work, if any, the homeowner will do.  With this information an automatic – or manual- home addition calculator can estimate the cost to build a home addition.

Question:  Do Home Addition Cost Estimators Work?

Answer:  Home addition cost estimators server a very specific and important purpose.  They enable homeowners to get a quick ballpark estimate for the cost of a home addition that is more accurate than “about $200 per square foot for a home addition” estimate that is very common.  The problem with estimates per square foot is they don’t take in to account the type of addition – kitchen versus garage – nor the quality of materials that will be used in the home addition nor the work – if any- that the homeowner will do themselves to complete the home addition.  All of these factors are important to estimate the home addition costs.


Question:  Do home addition cost calculators work for split level, bi-level and tri-level homes?

Answer:  yes home additions calculate the cost of adding on to, remodeling and renovating split level, 2 story and single story homes.  Some renovation costs for rooms like bathrooms and kitchen are not impacted by a homes configuration. But estimates from free room addition cost estimators will need to be adjusted if it is a ground level or second story addition.

Question: How to calculate building addition costs 

Answer: Addition estimate calculators use the size of a room, labor rates, and material costs to estimate the cost of adding on to a house.  House addition cost estimators should also modify the estimate based on how much work you will choose to do yourself.  Even with the adjustments, you should expect a large swing in costs from 30% less to 30% more than the estimate based on who you hire to do the work and the specifics of the design and the materials you choose to use.


Question: How does a calculator to build addition work?

Answer:  To calculate building addition a cost calculator or cost estimator has to use the location of the home, the size of the addition, the type of room (eg kitchen, family room, garage, etc) and how much work – if any – you will do versus hiring a contractor


Question:  Estimating a DIY home addition?

Answer: Depending on where you are in the process how you estimate the cost of DIY home addition will vary. If you are just running some initial numbers to set a budget our whole house calculator is a great tool to get a good estimate of the cost to DIY a home addition. If you have nearly complete or finished plans then you should create a budget that includes ever bit of lumber and finish material you need.


Question: 20×16 addition estimate cost per square foot

Answer:  The cost to build a 20×16 addition is approximately $75 per square foot if it is a garage and over $200 a square foot if it is a master bedroom with a master bathroom.  The costs can also be $150 and $400 a square foot if the home is in high-cost building area.

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