With the recession over and the real estate market heating up a good question is “Do home additions make sense?”.   The answer is the same as it was during the recession…”maybe.”.   Regardless of the economic conditions you have to do an evaluation on the two major justifications for a home addition; cost and comfort.

Home Addition Costs vary by the region and economy as does the value of your home.  Frequently there is a big gap between these two – which means you can make a good profit by adding on to your home at the price.  Other times the gap is small or even negative and in this situation there is no economic justification for adding on to your home at the prevailing costs to do the work.

That is a strictly cost consideration, but what about comfort?  Quality of life is important and should not be ignored so if you really want a home addition and you are realistic about the cost of the home addition and the amount, if any, your home will appreciate because of the addition then you can decide to add on or not knowing you will make the right decision for you and your family.

Our home addition cost calculators and estimators are the best available – they only require information that you have readily available and they give you not only the cost for your home addition but a breakdown on the labor and materials as well as an estimate of what your home may appreciate because of your addition.