Every home addition needs a good foundation and every good foundation needs the right forms and design to support your new home

home addition cost new footing

New footing under 1940’s era foundation wall

addition.  The forms and rebar and holddowns that are required – especially in the Gulf States and California may seem an overkill but extreme weather and earthquakes put a lot of pressure on homes and a good foundations with the right hold downs can help a home withstand extreme conditions.

Home addition forms can be built from earth, wood, metal or plastics.  There are many types and designs of forms.  In the attached picture we are working with materials that were either salvaged from previous projects or we intend to use in the building of the home addition.

This home addition in Northern California is almost a new home!  THe intent was to square off the existing foundation, reinforce the existing foundation as needed then build a new 1st and 2nd story on the existing subfloor.  Unfortunately the existing – 60 year old subfloor- was riddled with termite damage and many spots of dry rot and mold.  There was no practical way to save the existing subfloor for the new home addition so it was removed.  Ultimately it will installing the new sewer line and plumbing easier.

Home Addition - new footing and stem wall with hold downs

New footing and stem wall woth hold simpson hold downs – this section of wall is between 2 patio doors