Stainless steel, double bowl sink with arched faucet.

Double bowl kitchen sinks with one small bowl are awkward to use.

by Janet Akers


I was visiting the house of a friend of mine recently.  He had done a beautiful kitchen extension and remodel a few years ago.  He enlarged the kitchen itself, put in an island (complete with it’s own mini-sink and seating), and added a small family room. The area now functions beautifully for his busy family.  However, I am not particularly fond of the kitchen sink that he selected.  It’s a stainless steel sink, which is attractive.  I also like the double bowl.  What I don’t like is the small size of the right-hand bowl.  The family tends to put their dirty dishes in this section.  Because it contains the garbage disposal, these dishes generally have to be removed and set out on the countertop in order to scrape off the food residue. It is possible to put the dirty dishes in the left-hand bowl, but if one is hand washing, it is preferable to have that section clean so the clean dishes can be stacked there prior to rinsing.  Two middle-sized bowls just seem to work better.


I also find that since I am right-handed, I like to wash the dishes in the left bowl and rinse them in the right.  Because of that, I like to have the garbage disposal in the left bowl – just something to think about!


There are several things I do like about this kitchen sink, besides the material.  I like the tall, arching faucet.  This allows the cook to fill and rinse large pots easily.  It also has a removable spray head, which is nice for rinsing out the sink and directing the water flow.  The on-off switch for the garbage disposal is the flat button to the immediate right of the faucet.  This is the first time that I have seen it mounted on the counter rather than on the wall.  With this placement, there is no question about whether it is for the garbage disposal or an under-the-cabinet light.  On the far right is a dispenser for dish soap.  Those I am not so fond of, and many people I know don’t actually use them.  It’s easier to squirt a bit of soap from a bottle directly into the pan rather than to put the pan under the built-in dispenser and give it a pump.