By Dan Fritschen

cost of kitchen remodel

Photo by freshome

A major kitchen remodel will probably take about three months from start of planning to completion of the job. Under some circumstances, and with a great deal of careful planning and some preparatory work such as cabinet assembly done in advance, it can be done in as little as 30 days. A great deal depends on the planning and coordinating of workers and materials.

Other big factors are the number of time-consuming jobs (like running new pipe lines or gas lines), the ability to schedule closely and keep every step on schedule, the size of the project, whether it is a simple remodel or it involves adding space, the materials and any drying or setting time and the like).

If schedule is a primary concern there are several things that you can do to ensure the project is completed quickly.

1. Clearly tell your contractor or workers what your schedule requirements are and then ask them what YOU can do to help get your kitchen remodel done on schedule.

2. Ensure that you order all parts and fixtures early so they arrive on site where you kitchen remodel will take place in time so that you can inspect the parts and return and get replacements still in time so your project stays on schedule.

3. Pay the workers or contractor a bonus to finish your kitchen remodel on time.  This can increase the cost of your kitchen remodel – but you will likely be able to get your kitchen remodel done more quickly.  Many delays in remodels is because it is more efficient for a contractor to work on several kitchen remodels simultaneously so the workers all have something to do even if there is an interruption on one of the projects.   If you pay a bonus then it makes economic sense for the workers to work hard to coordinate the project more carefully to ensure they finish on time.

Kitchen remodels are famous for high costs and long schedules.  With proper planning your kitchen remodel can finish on schedule.  And with careful shopping you can also better manage the cost of your kitchen remodel.