By Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer

Dining rooms can be difficult! This particular room works on a number of levels, but can

Interior Design Ideas

Photo provided by Robin Zebrowski

definitely be improved upon. First, let’s explore what elements  really sets it apart from others.

The “Sputnik” chandelier is both futuristic and retro. It makes a statement and sets the mood. Most of all, it’s funky, elegant and a cool focal point.

Next, notice the wall colors; not only do the two different shades add drama, but the addition of a chair rail and wood paneling below sets these walls apart from others.

The artwork also adds to the room and is perfectly placed on the right-hand wall. Not so for the clock on the left. It is set much too high and is ultimately distracting to the eye.

With regard to the dinging room table, it’s dull. The room could have been much improved with a sparkling glass table rather than the dark wood.

Finally, what is going on with the “centerpiece?”  Knitting balls and needles have no place in this room. Next time, add some greenery and color to the table to make this room  a stunning example of how a dining room can be dramatic and different at the same time.