by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer

Boundaries between living in your indoor great room and your outdoor living room can vanish when you live in a “sunshine” state. In order to make the two rooms work together as one, use the same flooring  in both areas — like the pictured slate tile

long narrow hallway design ideas

Photograph provide by Arnold Masonry of Atlanta, Georgia

Also, the wide variety of modern, indoor/outdoor fabrics allows for the use of the same comfy furniture in both areas.

Don’t forget to use matching area rugs in both rooms too! They don’t have to be the exact same color or size, but using the same pattern will unify the two rooms.

For maximum effect, accessorize the rooms with various different kinds of plants. Palm trees and cactus can work either indoors or outdoors, but leave the more delicate orchids inside.

Finally, adding a gourgous fireplace works as a focal point in either “room” and always adds luxury to any living space!

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