Photograph courtesy of Platinum Seas

by Bonnie Joy Flamm,

Aquariums are a big deal.

Indeed, there are some very famous ones in Monterey, California, in high-end hotels along the Las Vegas strip, and on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Aquariums are so popular that they even star in their own  TV shows!

So the next time you are remodeling and want something truly unique, consider a fresh or salt water aquarium.

But lets face it, installing an aquarium can be expensive. Here is something to consider: the money you are spending is not just for an accessory, but is actually an investment in  a “living work of art.” In-other-words,  a beautiful home aquarium is not just a place to show off some fancy fish.

One last thing to consider is the location of your tank, as it’s health will be affected by the amount of light that flows into it. Make sure to consult with a professional before you decide where to place your tank.

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