The Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel is $20,000.


What will Your kitchen cost to remodel?

Find out instantly and for free with the  Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator

Get an instant estimate to
Remodel your Kitchen.


Have you wondered what it might cost to
remodel your kitchen

Are you curious if the value of your house
will increase
more than the cost of the

Find out now in less than 2 minutes!


And if you are serious about remodeling your kitchen soon, we also offer you:

  • tip sheets to help you to avoid common mistakes.
  • referrals to several contractors in your area for free onsite cost estimates.
  • info on different ways to finance your project.
  • a detailed budget breakdown and our complete free project planning system is also available for free if you want it.

To get started, just enter your name and the name of the project above and click the Green Button.

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  3. danf says:

    Can a Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimator online tools give accurate cost estimates?

    The answer is yes and no. Yes, they can provide accurate estimates based on the very little information that most request – such as location of the home, the approximate size, how much DIY a homeowner will do and the types of materials that will be used – expensive or economy or something in between. No, they can not give an estimate that is as accurate as a contractor can provide or as accurate as after all the design decisions have been made.

  4. sid457 says:

    I found the kitchen remodel cost calculator pretty accurate compared to quotes I’d received…now to find some info on cheap kitchen remodels…

    • Glad the calculators are helpful. They are not intended to replace or even come close to a quote based on final plans given by an experienced builder. If they do happen to be “more accurate” than “real” quotes, I assure you it is by chance and should not be considered a better quote than you are getting from contractors.

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