light-colored roof shingles

Light-colored roof shingles don’t always look good!

I finished roofing a house recently with a “birch” colored asphalt shingle. It makes a lot of sense to us a light colored shingle to roof a house – it will reflect a lot of the heat during the summer which will make the home more comfortable and save energy by not using the air conditioning as much. There was one slight problem..

Light colored roofs are ugly!

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Yes I am not the best to select colors or ask for decorating tips but wow – I am surprised by how much I do not like the combination of the birch colored roof with the malibu beige stucco walls and blue and white trim.  It just is not attractive to me.


So what went wrong?  How do i fix it?   First lesson is ask for expert advice to fill in for my design deficiencies!  Of course I am not sure where I am deficient until I make several mistakes.  I am not good at selecting colors for a room or a house. So now either I can live with an unattractive house, reroof!  or repaint.  Living with the house makes the most financial and environmental sense – light colored roofs do a great job of keeping a home cooler – but what a cost in aesthetics!     Re-roofing is crazy – and expensive – costing around $10,000.  The alternative is to repaint the house – also expensive but not as much.  The problem is I do not think there are any wall and trim colors that I think look good with this color roof.   So I think I am stuck with a roof and house that are the wrong color!