Laundry room closet light

You will like a light in your laundry area, even if it’s only a closet.

by Janet Akers


My washer and dryer are next to the kitchen in a closet-like space behind bifold doors.  If I had been designing the space, I probably would not have included lighting since it is such a small space.  However, someone thought of it, and I am glad they did!  In the middle of the day there is enough light from the kitchen overhead fixture and windows that it’s not a problem, but at night it is handy to have the additional lighting.  It also helps me to see what is on the shelves tucked into the corner of the closet.


My laundry area has lighting, but what could you do if yours did not?  If you happen to have an outlet in the closet, you have a number of options.  A trip to your local building supply store will show both shop lights and strip lights that can be mounted on the ceiling.  Some are flush mounted and some hang from chains.  You’ll be able to find fixtures in lengths from 1′ to 4′.  In such a small space you will probably want a fixture with only one or two lamps.  Since you won’t have a switch in the closet, you’ll need to find a fixture with a pull chain.  Also, make sure the fixture can be plugged into an outlet; most are designed to be wired directly.


If you don’t have an outlet, there are other battery-operated options.  Your trip to the building supply store will show you strip lights and round lights.  Some turn on with a touch, others have a remote control, and still others are motion detectors.  Select the one that meets your needs.


My laundry closet also has an exhaust fan.  I don’t think we have ever used it.