Photograph by 50 Prime

by Bonnie Flamm, Interior Designer

There are many exquisite homes on the market today that specifically cater to golfers. With the Baby Boomer population moving into the retirement age, luxury homes on a signature golf course are once again in demand.

You know the old saying: location, location, location! In fact, location can play a very important role in choosing a golf-related property. A home on a well established golf course with a  history – and a famous named designer –  is much more valuable than a  home on a newly developed course.

Whether you are itching to get out on the course to play or just love the view of the greens, make sure you orientate the interior of your home to be in sync with its spectacular outdoor setting. In-other-words, decorate your interior with an “eye” towards the outside.

And don’t forget to make the necessary modifications for Aging-In-Place. These targeted changes for aging will add even more value to a Baby Boomer’s home on a golf course.

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