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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is the average cost to add a bathroom really $18,000?

Answer: Yes, nationwide for all levels of quality and different size of bathrooms the average cost is $18,000.  Your bathroom addition cost depends on the 4 key bathroom addition cost drivers: Location of your home. who does the work, the design/size of your bathroom and the materials you choose.  Labor rates can be 3 times the price in a big city versus in the lower cost areas of the US.  A larger bathroom – obviously – costs more to build than a smaller bathroom and materials play a big part in the cost of your bathroom addition.  You can choose a $30 sink faucet or a $300 faucet – you can use $1 per square foot tile or $10 per square foot tile.  Each of the decisions you make will have an impact on the cost for your bathroom addition.  The bathroom addition cost calculator on this site will help provide you a quick cost estimate based on your homes location, who will do the work and the material you choose.


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