cabinet knobs and pulls

Have fun searching for new cabinet knobs and pulls.

by Janet Akers


Are the cabinet knobs in your kitchen old and worn?  Is the finish wearing off?  A fairly quick and easy way to get a new look for your cabinets is to replace the old knobs or pulls with new ones.  Don’t limit yourself to the kitchen.  You can also replace the cabinet knobs or pulls in your bathroom, laundry room, or anywhere else you have cabinets.


Cabinet knobs have a single mounting screw; pulls generally have two.  You can sometimes replace knobs with pulls if you don’t mind drilling a second hole.  However, you will most likely not want to replace a pull with a knob unless you can figure out some way of covering the extra hole.  Be careful to match the spacing of the screws when you replace pulls as it does differ between styles.


Look online or take a wander through your favorite building supply store and you will find an almost endless variety of knobs and pulls.  You can go for the least expensive options at $2 a piece, or splurge on a one-of-a-kind look at one-of-a-kind prices.  The most common material is metal, in finishes such as nickle, chrome, brass,  bronze, antique, and black.  However, there are many other options, including ceramic, wood, glass, plastic, rock, and concrete.


The knob you select will affect the style of your space and the manufacturers have tried to create something for everyone.  You can go with traditional, modern or something in between.  If you are after a playful look, you can find knobs in bright colors and unusual shapes.


Don’t have knobs on your cabinets?  Don’t worry, you can add them for a new look.  Just drill holes in the appropriate spots and add your favorite knobs.


I once rented a 1960’s house that still had the original hardware.  It was unique and in keeping with the rest of the house, and was fun to have.  I would not want to replace it.  However, if your hardware is nondescript or in bad shape, consider swapping it out for a brand new look, whether you are remodeling or not.