Photograph provided by City Mama

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer 949.706.3379

So, you have decided to remodel your kitchen and plan on a modern, sleek design. What comes next? Organization in three main phases!

Sink/Cutting Center

Let’s say that you are going to make a simple potato salad…
You will need to prepare the food which involves washing, draining, peeling, grating, chopping, mixing and using several small knives. How about storing those knives like in the one pictured instead of the usual block of wood? I dare you! Call me if you want to know where to buy one!

The Clean up Center

Obviously, this means trash collection. Designate a place under the sink or – preferably — a pull out trash collector that has a place for both trash and recyclables which are clearly labeled. If you have children make sure to secure these canisters as they may contain broken glass.

Cooking Center

This area focuses on the stove top, oven and microwave. It will be home to pots, pans, shields and apparatus in the form of whisks and spatulas. Store the latter in a attractive vessel on the counter and how about kicking it up a notch too with some  colored utensils? They will look hot in your kitchen and are functional too! (ask me how to get them).

Don’t stop now. Make sure to store your herbs and spices in a scene stealer of their own!

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