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Contractor Licensing in Blue Springs, Missouri


by Dan Fritschen


In Blue Springs, Missouri, remodeling contractors must have a current Occupational License with the City of Blue Springs to do home remodeling work, according to


In some cities and regions it is an […]

State Contractors License

By Dan Fritschen


How much will it cost to remodel, how do I get a cost estimate and how can I check a state contractors license are common questions from homeowners. provides this guide and […]

House Remodeling Contractor

By Dan Fritschen


How much will it cost to remodel and how do I get a cost estimate from a house remodeling contractor are common questions from homeowners. provides this guide and tools and all […]

To Remodel or Move?

by Bonnie Joy Designs, Home Stager and Interior Designer

If you have decided to move, rather than remodel your home, it has to look its best in order to stand out in front of the competition. […]

Home Remodeling, SmartPhones and the Cloud – do they connect?

by Dan Fritschen

For years the internet provided little help for home remodelers, being little more than a more convenient reference library full of tips and phone numbers of contractors and architects!  While there is still […]

How To Use SmartDraw To Help You Remodel

by Dan Fritschen

Update: Starting to plan an addition to your home or a remodel doesn’t need to involve an architect, project manager or contractor from the very start of the planning phase. There are plenty […]

What Is A 203k Loan?

It’s an attractive idea – to buy a fresh new home, built exactly to our standards that we can move straight into and live in straight away without having to make any changes at all. […]

Make A Remodel Easier On Everyone


The choice to remodel is exciting, but not easy.  There is an overwhelming amount of chaos that goes along with any remodeling project, but there are ways to make the time go more smoothly for […]

8 Tips to do your Attic Remodel efficiently

Some houses have attics that are not being used. If you happen to have one of these homes and are considering turning that untidy attic into a bedroom, then remember that it can

give you a […]

Eight Influences on Kitchen Remodeling Costs

For home remodeling projects, homeowners will find that the most expensive ones tend to be bathroom or kitchen.  If you are considering a kitchen remodel, your first question

likely will be “what will the project cost?”  […]