Remodel OR move OR do nothing

/Remodel OR move OR do nothing

Should I Remodel Or Move?


By Dan Fritschen


Should I remodel or move and how do I get a cost estimate using a remodel cost calculator are common questions from homeowners. provides this guide and tools and all the information […]

Century 21 – Are they right for you?

Should you list your home with Century 21?  Or ERA or Coldwell Banker or ?  There are likely 5, 10 or even more companies that you can choose to sell your home with so how should […]

Is Moving Your Best Choice?

You’re reading the Sunday paper, looking at ads, prices of homes are going down and you think to yourself…move or remodel? You are looking at your kitchen and you realize the cabinets need refinishing and […]

How to Decide If You Will Stay for Only a Few Years?

By Dan Fritschen

Quick Remodel Decision Table

How much longer will you stay in the house?

Type of project

0 to 1 years
1 to 3 years

New doors and new windows

Paint or refinish bathroom and kitchen cabinets and install new […]

What are the best reasons to move?

The most common reasons for choosing to move rather than remodel are:

– the size or make-up of your family has changed,

– you want better schools,

– your commute is too long,

– you don’t like […]

What does it cost to move?

The move itself will cost between $500 and $5000, depending on the amount of belongings and the distance. Other costs include:

– listing sales commission of 6 to 7 percent of the home sale price,

– […]

If you have decided to move, ask yourself if the new neighborhood is really worth the added cost?

Many people choose to move to a trendy or expensive new neighborhood. Unfortunately, many homeowners do so without actually counting the cost to the family in other ways.

Moving to a trendy or upscale neighborhood might […]

How can I compare the costs of moving and remodeling?

Comparing the cost of moving to the cost of remodeling is a matter of calculating all of the costs associated with each of your options. The challenge is in accounting for all of the costs […]

As a Realtor You Can Grow Your Business by Helping Homeowners Make the Remodel or Move Decision

A homeowner’s decision on whether to remodel their home or move is a decision only they can make. However, as a realtor, you can not only help them decide, but also improve your business for […]

Deciding Whether to Remodel or Move: The Most Popular Homeowner Questions

Some homeowners are torn between remodeling or moving. Some of the questions you may want to think about are important in order to make a sound and honest decision. If your present home has features […]