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How To Remodel a House


By Dan Fritschen


How much will it cost to remodel and how do I get a cost estimate using a how to remodel a house cost calculator are common questions from homeowners. RemodelOrMove.com provides this guide […]

What are the benefits of Linoleum flooring?

by Dan Fritschen

Linoleum has long been a favorite floor material for homeowners to use in their kitchens, and there are a number of good reasons for this. However, with the recent trend […]

Home Remodeling, SmartPhones and the Cloud – do they connect?

by Dan Fritschen

For years the internet provided little help for home remodelers, being little more than a more convenient reference library full of tips and phone numbers of contractors and architects!  While there is still […]

How To Use Your iPhone To Remodel On The Move

Doesn’t it always feel like the best ideas come to you when you least expect it? Like late at night when you’re lying in bed, when you’re in the store buying groceries or when you’re […]

How To Use OneNote To Help You Remodel

OneNote is piece of Microsoft Office software that allows you to write or paste text, insert pictures and videos as well as create tables in a digital notebook.

This tool is great for gathering ideas and […]

Creative Food Options For A Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is inconvenient at best.  While your dream kitchen is most definitely going to be worth it in the end, getting it may present more issues than you realized.  The fact is, even […]

Keeping Kids Occupied During A Remodel

Remodeling a home is hard on everyone, but for children it can be especially difficult.  Their routines are messed up, there are strange people around, and there are all sorts of cool things that look […]

Make A Remodel Easier On Everyone


The choice to remodel is exciting, but not easy.  There is an overwhelming amount of chaos that goes along with any remodeling project, but there are ways to make the time go more smoothly for […]

How do I know if I need to replace pipes when I remodel my bathroom?

The most cost-effective time to evaluate the condition of your pipes is when you are remodeling.

Three of the most important things to look for in making the decision are water flow, water drainage and […]

What kinds of problems should I inspect for when planning a bathroom remodel?

When planning a bathroom remodel of any scale, it is important to inspect for the following possible problems before your planning goes too far. Any of these problems could result in additional cost for repairs […]