Great Bathroom Additions That Add Home Value

by Dan Fritschen

Over the last couple of decades the kitchen was the focal point for many home buyers. However, today the home’s bathrooms are receiving more attention. Homeowners love their bathrooms and are spending much […]

What Makes a Great Real Estate Deal?

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer

Let’s say that you have used the Remodel-or-Move’s cost calculators and decided that you want to move. Home-buyers are face with a cornucopia of choices for sale these days. So, […]

How Can I Get My Home Ready To Sell?

by Dan Fritschen
This is a common question that homeowners ask, and one that there are several different answers to. Depending on how much work you want to put in and how much […]

How To Home Stage

Home staging is all about making your home look its best so it will appeal to any potential buyers as possible. It’s all about making your home looks its brightest, biggest, cleanest and warmest so […]

Top Tips To Make Moving Day Run Smoothly

So you’ve gone through months or even years of preparation and the day is finally here. Moving day can be one of the most stressful, tiring and challenging days to get through, but with a […]

What Type Of Home Is Right For You?

Buying a home is always both exciting and challenging, whatever stage of life you’re at, and there are many considerations to take in along the way.

It’s likely that we all shared the same experiences with […]

5 Steps to Find a House that is Perfect

House hunting can be a lot of work or it can be easy.  While there is no guarantee that you will find a house that meets all of your needs in a few days of […]

Century 21 – Are they right for you?

Should you list your home with Century 21?  Or ERA or Coldwell Banker or ?  There are likely 5, 10 or even more companies that you can choose to sell your home with so how should […]

Before Listing Your Home: 10 Tips for a Quick Sale

Prepare yourself mentally: “The home you live in is your home – when you sell it, it is your house—-a product to be sold”.

Pack up and put away your personal items throughout your home.  Take […]

What Does it Cost to Move?

If you are relocating to another area, one question on your mind may be how much will it cost to move. If you are making the move yourself you will discover that you can […]