Budget for remodeling - Final

/Budget for remodeling - Final

Energy Efficient Roofs and the Assistance of the Energy Act 2009

Each year thousands of Americans are forced to replace their roofs, and if you happen to be among those thousands of Americans, there is good news! For those homeowners that are replacing their roof with […]

Estimating Construction Costs

There are many many ways to estimate construction costs.  To select the method you need to

understand your goal.  If you are trying to get a rough estimate for budgeting purposes then you can use a […]

Cost to Add on a Room

The cost to add a room is one of the first questions anyone thinking of remodeling or adding on asks.  And it is a very good question to ask at the beginning of your research.  […]

Cost for an Addition on a House

The cost for an addition on a house can be estimated in several different ways. These are listed below, from the least to the most accurate.

1. Dollars per square foot. To get this estimate, the […]

Average Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom and the 4 Major Cost Drivers

by Dan Fritschen

Update: Every homeowner wants a straight answer to the question “What is the average cost of remodeling a bathroom?”, and the fact is there is not one definite answer! There are a variety […]

The Major Costs for Remodeling

UPDATE:  To help with the design of your remodel we have added a new online design tool that allows you to search the internet for photos of homes, rooms and products you are interesting in..then […]

Save 10 Percent on a Bathroom Remodel


Update: The economy is still weak, interest rates continue to be at all time lows, but now home values are moving up in many parts of the country.  So what does this mean for you […]

Economic Stimulus

Economic Recovery Act of 2009 PlusState Incentives Make Renewable Energy Remodeling Affordable

Despite all of the recent bad economic news and all of the negative talk about the 2009 Economic Recovery Act ( the “American Recovery […]

What is the payback for a kitchen remodel?

By Dan Fritschen


The payback, or the amount of the cost of a kitchen remodel you can expect to recoup in added home value when you sell, is down where housing prices are depressed but back […]

What are my options in bathtub materials and styles?

The basic types of bathtubs are defined by the method of installation.

> Drop-in tubs fit inside a finished surround or a platform.

> Recessed or alcove tubs are installed against walls on […]