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Remodeling a Kitchen

By Dan Fritschen


Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most popular home improvement projects and for good reason. A kitchen remodel can improve your quality of life and, potentially, increase the value of your home. […]

Flooring can Inspire!

by Bonnie Joy Designs

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Your floor covering is often the single largest design statement in your home, simply because it uses up the most “real estate.” Hatch your next room […]

Holiday Decorating for Thanksgiving

Photograph provided by Antonello Musina by Bonnie Joy Flamm @

Setting the indoor “stage” for holiday decorating can be a hassle. However, here are some easy, economical and helpful tips.

The Centerpiece: One of […]

Design theme: Circles

by Bonnie Joy Flamm

One of the most imaginative design themes I have done involved the use of a circle theme. This particular couple had acquired an unusual piece of artwork that consisted of circles, […]

Details – To Decorate Your Home

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer @

You’ve long heard the term, “the devil’s in the details” but what does that really mean? In the world of interior design, its the details that can transform  your […]

At Home for Holiday Dining

By Bonnie Joy Flamm

Nothing captures the warmth of the holiday season  like a meal shared among family and friends. Indeed, inviting cherished company into your home for an evening of fine food and celebration […]

Attic Bedroom Ideas – 6 Tips to Make it Fantastic

By Dan Fritschen

Update: Finishing an attic is a brilliant way to instantly add space to your home without the hassle of building a large and expensive addition. The attic space is already there above the […]

What special equipment or design features should I add to my bathroom for someone with a disability?

The needs of people with disabilities vary according to the type of disability involved. The best advice is to review the specifications of universal design (see our Bathroom Remodeling Workbook) and evaluate the helpfulness of […]

3 Best Additions on a House

If your home was built after 1995 – it probably is already pretty big with big closets, lots of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Homes built between the 50s and 90s were not as large and before […]

6 Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom

For such a small room, bathrooms are often the most difficult and expensive to remodel.  To help we have created a list of 6 tips for remodeling a bathroom.

1.  Do lots of research.  Gather as many […]