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How do I find out if zoning codes could affect my remodel?

Zoning codes could determine required setbacks, maximum building height and a number of other things that might limit your design for a home remodel or addition.

To find out about zoning restrictions, call or visit […]

Do the same inspections need to be done if I am just converting my attic to living space?


By Dan Fritschen


The inspections required when converting an attic to living space such as a bedroom vary from one city or county to the next. The only way to be certain is to check with […]

The Basics of Attic Remodeling

By Dan Fritschen

Often times, attics are a part of people’s homes that they really do not consider sprucing up.¬†Attics are frequently places to store old things that are no longer of use to us, but […]

Tip #49: Convert your garage into living space

Finding additional living space can be very easy if you have a garage. If you don’t really need the garage, or at least all of the garage, converting it can be a terrific way to […]

Tip #58: Don't alter your roofline

As you plan your remodel or addition, design your work so you do not have to change the roofline. Most architectural styles can accommodate remodels or additions without a roof change. This will result in […]

Challenges of Split Level House Renovations



by Dan Fritschen

Update: Split level homes were most popular in the 1950s and have a number of advantages and disadvantages to a modern homeowner. Split level homes are ideal for building on hills and steep […]

Additions to Split Level Homes

by Dan Fritschen

Update: Split level homes get something of a bad rap these days, but there are plenty of reasons they used to be so popular; they’re quieter, they’re more private, tend to be larger […]