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Punch List Tips

A punch list is an indispensable tool for homeowners to communicate with workers and contractors.  A punch list is the list of items that need to be addressed or fixed on a remodel or home […]

What kind of warranty should a contractor offer on a remodel or home addition?

You should be able to expect a one-year warranty on materials and labor unless you are told otherwise. Most contractors offer one-year warranties. Some, however, offer six-months and some offer 18 months or two years. […]

Isn't remodeling just a mess?

Remodeling will certainly involve some mess and probably some inconvenience.  With

careful planning and preparation, however, the mess and disruption can be confined to the work area.

The first step will be to plan for access to […]

How Is the Environment Inside Your Home?

Much attention is being directed to saving the environment. We care about the depletion of natural resources.  We are concerned about clean air and water and about healthy plant and animal life on the planet. But […]

Simple Steps to Greater Energy Efficiency

If you cannot take on a major energy efficiency remodel, there are still simple steps you can take to greater energy efficiency.

A study conducted in California in 2008, found that homes built before 1983 were […]

Most Important Home Maintenance Tasks to Save Money In the Long Run

Regularly scheduled home maintenance can save you money over the life of your home by identifying problems before they become catastrophes. All appliances and other machines need some sort of regular maintenance not only to prolong […]