refrigerator placement next to an open countertop

Make sure you have a “landing spot” next to your refrigerator when you remodel.

by Janet Akers


When you remodel your kitchen take some time to think about where you place your refrigerator.  The owners of this older home did just that.


First of all, the refrigerator should be easily accessible for both the cook and those in the house who just want to grab a quick drink or a snack.  In this case, the refrigerator was placed on the right edge of the kitchen.  The cook can get food out and head to the prep area on the left; those who just want a drink can grab it and go without getting in the way.  You also want to make sure there is a “landing spot” – counter space next to the refrigerator where you can place any food that you take out or are getting ready to put in.  So much easier than trying to hold your food AND open the door!


Another thing to watch out for is the way the refrigerator door swings.  If you have a single door, as in the photo above, make sure that it opens toward the counter.  It may seem obvious, but I have seen situations where the door swings the other way; that makes getting food in and out of the refrigerator a challenge!  If you remodel or move and find that the door is now backward, you can generally move the hinges and handles around so that it operates correctly.  Check online for directions and how-to videos.  It’s not a difficult task and will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.