punch list sample

Punch List Sample

A punch list is an indispensable tool for homeowners to communicate with workers and contractors.  A punch list is the list of items that need to be addressed or fixed on a remodel or home addition project.  The list can be created by you or the contractor and helps focus the workers and efforts on specific tasks needed to complete the finishing touches of a project or intermediate phases.

Punch List Tips

A punch list can be informal such as a list of items to work on handwritten sheet of paper tacked to a wall at the project site or more formal with an email and printed version with space for comments, name of who completed work and date when completed.   You should keep a copy of both the informal and more formal documents as a good reference of the work that was completed.

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The punch list used at interim stages in the project are helpful to keep and can be an achievement milestone and also a signal that a payment is OK to be made.
The final punch list at the end of the remodeling or home addition project will likely be a bit lengthy and should be more formal since this is the last step in the project and after completion of the items on the punch list will allow you to make the last payments.  Common items that are frequently listed on the final punch list are blemishes on painted surfaces, finished floors and tile.  Also issues with the switch and outlet finish, function and appearance.  Check all appliances and cabinets and countertop for appearance and function.  And even it if winter – dont forget to test and check all the windows and doors for function and alignment.