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Q: Are the estimates provided by these calculators accurate?

A: Yes, based on the little information that you input the calculators give an accurate estimate.  As you gather more details about your project you can work on your own to create a more detailed estimate or get a detailed estimate from a remodeling contractor.

Q: How can the calculator estimate the cost of my kitchen remodel?

A: For you kitchen, and all projects the calculators start with an average for that type of project in the US.  Then based on you choices and where you like the cost estimates are adjusted up and down to create your personalized estimate.

Q: What is included in the remodel cost estimates.

A: The estimates fall into 2 main categories.  First are remodels where little or no structural work is done.  Examples of this type of remodel is finishing an attic or remodeling a kitchen.  For these types of remodels the calculator assumes little structural work such as framing new spaces or foundation work. For this first category the estimates including flooring, cabinets, electrical, plumbing, building and covering walls with drywall and painting.  Your selection of Economy, Average or Expensive materials dictate which materials and labor is included in the estimates we provide.

The Second category of remodels are additions.  For many additions extensive structural work is required including the building of foundations and construction of roofs.  This second category of remodels, namely additions, include all the items noted above plus the foundation, walls (both interior and exterior), ceiling and roofing.  In both estimates allowances are made for doors and windows.

16 Responses to Remodel Cost Calculators

  1. Jenny M says:

    Should you only start a remodel in the summer months? Does the time of year affect the cost to remodel?

  2. Robert says:

    The season can increase the cost to remodel depending where you live. It’s no use building an addition in the snowy winter months when work will be halted a lot due to bad weather, meaning more work days for your contractor and greater cost for you!

  3. sid457 says:

    It’s not just work being halted either – storms, heavy rain, snow blizzards, even hurricanes etc can actually do significant damage to any work that’s being carried out…having to do the work again is not something you want to think about when you work out the cost to remodel!

  4. Jenny M says:

    Thanks very much, it makes a lot of sense now I think about it…I guess if you live in tornado alley you don’t remodel during hurricane season either…I don’t want to think about the remodeling costs in that situation…

  5. hiho low says:

    The home remodel cost calculators are here to give you an idea of the difference in remodeling costs that can be achieved through things such as doing some work yourself, choosing lower or higher end materials etc

  6. Robert says:

    We have a small kitchen and eating area we want to enlarge, and there’s a 12×20 concrete patio at the back of the house accessible through the breakfast room…it would only be an eating area but our table is 12×10 so that’s a lot of extra space…is it worth not building over the entire patio space so the room is a more suitable size? Or is bigger better? I’m worried it’s not worth the remodeling costs of a home addition just for a tiny space.

    • Tiny additions to kitchen typically are not worth the effort – unless you are otherwise remodeling your kitchen and the tiny addition helps the design somehow. A few inches makes all the difference in the world when it comes to walking areas between counters and islands. If you have the money, and the need and the desire the bigger addition could make sense. check with a real estate agent about the amount your home would appreciate because of the addition. They can also likely give you an idea if permitting or other issues are involved with the addition

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  8. A questions i received:

    We are thinking of adding on a large addition with basement (about 1000) sqft. The house is a rental of my parents about 900-1000sqft. It would be a total gut and redo. It has a full basement and we would want to add a basement to addition and tie in together. The house is about 50yr old. The structure is in good shape. The basement is dry. It would need new roof with addition. We would get the house cheap so most of money would be I the addition/remodel. I spoke to bank and it would be a construction loan. Is it worth it to do this addition or would it be about the same price wise to just build new? We haven’t spoke to a contractor yet. We would also be finishing new basement. The existing would be storage as the head room would not be enough to drop ceiling and I do not like drywall led ceilings in basement in case we would need to access pipes and such for upstairs. The current house is a ranch and we would be building on single story addition to make 2100-2200sqft total. Thanks for your input.

    • It will probably be less expensive ultimately to build new versus adding on. It is certainly worth getting 3 “guesstimates” from contractors on the less expensive/better option for you. If you are feeling a bit wasteful tearing down a perfectly good house..why not move it? You could actually sell the existing home for $1 or $20k or something and then the buyer would pay to have it hauled away. Depending on many factors it would be tens of thousands to move the house! It will cost many many many thousands to tear it done. also if you are getting into real estate buy a lot – and move the house their and make it a rental For reference i estimated remodeling and adding on guessing at your location and few other things at $160,000 using the remodel and addition cost calculators at

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