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Home Remodel Cost Calculators

Remodeling & Renovation Cost Calculator Estimates –Get yours right now – It’s FREE!

Just pick the type of remodeling cost estimate you want and answer a few questions. our renovation calculator will instantly provide you with:

    • An estimate of the cost to remodel

    • Tips on how to make your project a success

    • A step-by-step guide to getting started, and

    • Help finding a great contractor

Get estimates now for kitchen remodeling costs, bathroom renovation costs or even remodeling costs for your whole home. It’s that easy!


Renovation Calculator Q&A

 Q:  How do Remodeling Cost Calculators Work?

A:  The remodel cost calculators here on use a combination of room size, location, a homeowners preference for quality of material, how much work a homeowner will do themselves and the homes location to calculate remodel costs.

Q: Remodel Cost Estimator versus a Remodel Cost Calculator?

A: A  remodel cost estimator is another name for a remodel cost calculator.  Both provide a remodeling cost estimate for a project like a kitchen, bathroom, or finishing a basement or for a whole house

Q: What Renovation Calculators are available?kitchen-design-interior-ideas-034-300x225

A: had renovation calculators for kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, basement finishing, attic finishing, bedroom additions and renovations and whole house renovations.

Q. When should I use a Home Renovation Calculator?

A:  A home renovation calculator is very helpful when you first start considering a home addition or home renovation project and need a calculator to help you get an idea of the cost for your specific home renovation.  The home renovation calculators here on use a number of variables including your location, who you will hire to do the home renovation, the size of the home addition, and the types of materials you will use to calculate your home renovation costs.

 Q. Should I still get a remodeling cost estimate from a contractor?

A: Yes, even if you get an estimate from a remodeling cost cInterior-Design-Ideas-003-300x225alculator that only is a starting point for creating a remodeling budget.  Tofind out what your remodel is really going to cost you need to have a design, or a least a good idea of a design, and most of the materials picked then you can get a remodeling cost estimate from a contractor which will be more realistic than an estimate from a remodeling cost calculator.

Q: Are the estimates provided by these remodeling cost calculators accurate?

A: Yes, based on the little information that you input the calculators give an accurate estimate.  As you gather more details about your project you can work on your own to create a more detailed estimate or get a detailed estimate from a remodeling contractor.

Q: How can the calculator estimate the cost of my kitchen remodel?

A: For you kitchen, and all projects the calculators start with an average for that type of project in the US.  Then based on you choices and where you like the cost estimates are adjusted up and down to create your personalized estimate.

Q: What is included in the remodel cost estimates.

A: The estimates fall into 2 main categories.  First are remodels where little or no structural work is done.  Examples of this type of remodel is finishing an attic or remodeling a kitchen.  For these types of remodels the calculator assumes little structural work such as framing new spaces or foundation work. For this first category the estimates including flooring, cabinets, electrical, plumbing, building and covering walls with drywall and painting.  Your selection of Economy, Average or Expensive materials dictate which materials and labor is included in the estimates we provide.

The Second category of remodels are additions.  For many additions extensive structural work is required including the building of foundations and construction of roofs.  This second category of remodels, namely additions, include all the items noted above plus the foundation, walls (both interior and exterior), ceiling and roofing.  In both estimates allowances are made for doors and windows.

Q:  What are the biggest remodeling  costs?

A:  The type of room and your choices drive what single item will be the biggest remodeling costs.  For a bathroom remodel the biggest single remodeling cost is tile work around the shower, tub and on the floor.  For a garage addition it can be the plywood for sheathing the walls and the roof.  For finishing your basement the biggest remodeling cost is often the flooring.

Q:  What is a home addition calculator

A: A home addition calculator provides and automated way to get an estimate for an addition to your home.  Common additions are bedrooms, second stories, bathrooms, garages and master bedrooms and master suites.  A home addition calculator can be as simple as an excel spreadsheet and a very knowledgeable person adding values for each element of a home addition or can be a fully automated – easy to use home addition calculator that asks the user very few questions and requires the user to have no expertise and still is able to provide an estimate of the cost to add an addition to a home.

Q: Home Renovation Costs and Budgets

A: Creating a budget for your home renovation is a lot easier than it use to be.  The best way to calculate home renovation costs and create a home renovation budget is to start with the home renovation cost calculators on  With just a few simple questions you can get an instant home renovation cost estimate and check that against your budget.

Q: How to manage home remodeling costs?

A:  The best way to manage home remodeling costs is to first have reasonable expectations about what it costs to remodel.  With a good idea of remodeling costs from the remodeling cost calculator it is important to develop a design that matches or budget – or adjust your budget to match the design you have selected.  Often remodeling costs are uncontrolled because of decisions about materials and designs happening during or too late in the remodeling process.  To best manage home remodeling costs make as many decisions about what materials, fixtures, etc. you will use in your remodel as early in the process as possible.

Q: Do home addition calculators give good estimates?

A:  For most homeowners a home addition calculator like the ones here at are a great tool to get a ballpark remodel and addition cost estimate when a homeowner firsts starts thinking about remodeling or adding on to their home.

Q:  When should I get a remodeling cost estimate from a contractor?

A: A contractor will be the one who can give you an accurate – realistic remodeling cost estimate but in order for them to create a remodeling cost estimate for your project they need a lot of information about the current state of your home, details on your new design and specifics on the materials, fixtures and appliances you would like to use.  The materials, fixtures and appliances make a huge difference in bathroom and kitchen remodeling cost estimates.  When you have a budget, confidence you will start the project, consensus with the entire family on moving forward with your remodel is the best time to start getting estimates from contractors.

Q. How do Home Addition Cost Calculators Work?

A.  The home addition cost calculator on provides an estimate of the cost to build your addition to your home.  The cost calculator uses your homes location, your preference for economy, average or expensive materials, the size and which rooms you are adding, and how much work – if any – you plan on doing yourself.  Based on this information the home addition calculator estimates the costs for your project and provides and estimate of the amount your home may appreciate because of the addition.

 Q. Why is there such a big variation in remodeling costs?

A. Remodeling costs vary a lot from one contractor to another because each contractor makes many assumptions about how the project will proceed which will create a 20% or more variation from one contractor to another who is quoting remodeling costs for a project.  The other big variable is the business style of the contractor – while the material costs for each contractor is about the same – the pay rate of the workers, the contractors company overhead, the contractors interest in your project and the contractors pay and profit goals vary a tremendous amount from one contractor to another.