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Home Remodel Cost Calculators

Remodeling & Renovation Cost Calculator Estimates –Get yours right now – It’s FREE!

Just pick the type of remodeling cost estimate you want and answer a few questions. our renovation calculator will instantly provide you with:

    • An estimate of the cost to remodel

    • Tips on how to make your project a success

    • A step-by-step guide to getting started, and

    • Help finding a great contractor

Get estimates now for kitchen remodeling costs, bathroom renovation costs or even remodeling costs for your whole home. It’s that easy!

Renovation Calculator Q&A

  • Q: How do the Remodel Cost Calculators Work?
    A: The Renovation cost calculators use the four remodeling cost drivers to provide you with an estimate of the cost to remodel:  1. your homes location  2. who will do the work  3. the design of your remodel and 4. the materials you will use.
  • Q: What Reno Cost Calculators are available?kitchen-design-interior-ideas-034-300x225
    A: Renovation cost calculators are available for kitchens, bathrooms and whole house projects.  Home addition cost calculators are available for bathrooms, bedrooms, garages and 2nd story additions.  Basement and Attic finishing cost calculators are also available
  • Q. When should I get a home remodeling cost estimate?
    A: Before online smart remodel cost calculators it was difficult to get an estimate and required working with a contractor to create a budgetary cost estimate.  With free and instant remodeling cost calculators at it is easy to get an estimate and it is the best idea to get a budgetary cost as soon as you start to consider renovating your home.
  • Q. Do I still need to get a cost estimate from a contractor?
    A:  If you are considering hiring a contractor than the answer is yes – you should get an estimate from a contractor as soon as you have the information they need to give you an accurate estimate.  An online budgetary cost estimate is a great place to start planning a remodel but before you lock in your budget and design you need to discuss your plans with an experienced building contractor.
  • Q: Are the cost estimates accurate from an online calculator?
    A: Yes, the cost calculators do provide accurate cost estimates considering the little information that is needed to get an estimate.
  • Q: How does the calculator generate a cost estimate?
    A: The cost calculators use the average cost for a home addition or remodel and then adjusts this average based on your answers about your homes location, the materials you will use, who will do the work and the design of the room.
  • Q: What costs are included in the cost estimates?
    A: The costs for remodels and home additions are made up of materials and labor.  The % that is labor and materials varies from 40 to 60%.  kitchens and bathrooms have the highest material costs and garages have the highest labor costs.
  • Q: What are the big remodeling costs?
    A: It depends on the room.  Materials are a big part of kitchen and bathroom remodels.  The single most expensive part of a remodel could be the tile you choose or the $500 kitchen faucet.  Your design also will drive the costs if you choose complex floor inlays or the foundation requires extensive repairs for your renovation.
  • Q: Are there Remodel Cost Calculators for second story additions?
    A: Yes, we have a home addition cost calculator for second story additions here at  The 2nd storey cost calculator also works for split level home additions, tri level home additions and bi – level home additions.  2nd story and bi level home additions are typically more expensive than ground level additions because of the added cost of the foundation – either direct foundation or better supporting the first floor to support the weight of the second floor addition.  In addition to the weight a 2nd story addition add stress to a home due to its exposure to high winds and greater weight that makes surviving earthquakes a bigger challenge.


  • Q:What is the material cost estimate for a 30×30 room?
  • A: Materials for a 30 x 30 foot – or 900 square foot room – will be approximately $20,000 for the slab foundation. walls, ceiling. rafters, roofing, drywall, windows and flooring.  This does not include the cost of labor.  Siding, roofing and windows can vary a great deal in cost..alone these items can be more than $20,000.


  • Q: What i the best way for estimating cost of home addition?
  • A:  It depends on how much information you have. If you are just beginning your remodeling and budgeting effort than using the cost calculators here at is the best way of estimating the cost of a home addition. If you have the design done and materials picked out then you are better off getting a quote from a contractor or builder for your home addition


  • Q: What is the average cost of remodeling a house per square foot?
  • A: the average cost of remodeling a house per square square foot is $25 for living spaces like family rooms and bedrooms. For kitchens and bathrooms the average cost per square foot jumps to $200.