Remodeling? Good planning will get you the results you want.

Home remodels that cost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollar are most successful when the builder plans every detail.  Homeowners can learn from this and make their remodel a success by careful planning too!  There are other benefits that make planning worthwhile for the homeowner: lower cost and less stress.

4 tips for planning your remodel to lower the cost and your stress

Start today, collecting ideas for room design, decorating, fixture and furniture.  It has never been easier.  Search online to find photos of what you like and save them with your notes and comments and share them with others.   Starting early helps you refine your tastes and goals before you have to finalize your design- less stress.  It also enables you to start shopping for fixtures, materials and furniture now and find what you want at deep discounts instead of waiting to the last minute and having to pay full price.  Try our design portfolio where you can search, find, save and share photos and ideas.

Photo Provided by Rubber Slipper from Italy

DIY?  If you will do any of the work yourself – which can be a big money saver and rewarding too boot – you will need to do it well.  And practice makes perfect, so add to your plans time to take a class or do a few practice builds before you start your big remodel.  If your goal is to save money then taking on some of the more difficult and expensive – but very doable –  projects such as the electrical, tile, plumbing work or managing the entire remodel will give you the biggest savings.

Communication with everyone will reduce a lot of the stress and emails are a great tool. The wonderful thing about emails is it is easy to copy everyone involved to ensure the message gets to them, and with smartphones you can access your emails anytime and anywhere.  The most important benefit is that emails give you a written record of who said what when.  That is better for everyone’s memory.

Create a detailed schedule from start to finish for what you need to do and what you will hire done.  This  will go a long way to reducing your stress.  There are so many steps and tasks in a remodeling project, but you need to include only the important ones which can be 100 or more.  Once you have a list, you can use an online calendar to share the schedule with your family and builder so they are working on the same schedule too.

Plan well and have a successful remodel.