Your garage might be perfect for converting into that extra room that you need. Photo by Carrie Qualters

by Dan Fritschen

When an additional room is needed many people choose to convert their garage into a living space. The advantage of using this space is that you can save money and effort. The garage already has a foundation, exterior and roof. Electrical wiring and plumbing might already be in place, making your remodeling job a whole lot easier. With these aspects ready you can remodel the space with less hassle to other areas of your home.

Rebuilding your garage into a room is not so troublesome. However, depending on where it is located, you might need to have a building permit. Why do you need a building permit? Heating and cooling, windows, structural soundness, ventilation, plumbing and electrical wiring, exits, and insulation are some the reasons why you need to have a permit for remodeling your garage.

Remodeling does, of course, always require thorough planning. You need to think about what si required, such as walls, flooring, access, and windows. Most likely your floor is already cemented and you already have a good roof. If there is no window, you might want to consider putting one. Think about its installation, including how many windows you want to put and where to put them. If the walls of your garage are finished, you need to know if they are insulated or not. If there is no insulation you should include it in your plan. You will have to add budget for cooling, heating, electric outlets, and lighting.