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We have a library of over 1500 articles (and growing!) about a wide variety of topics on remodeling tips, planning, budgeting, who to ask for help, and much more in the Remodel or Move Article Library.

Cost to Remodel

Need to get an addition to home cost estimate for your Kitchen Remodel?  Look no further – try our instant kitchen remodel cost calculator.  We also have calculators for bathrooms, basements, attics, family rooms and remodeling your whole house if you are feeling ambitious.

Design Ideas

If you are looking for remodeling inspiration, check out our Kitchen Idea Photo Gallery for millions of great design ideas. We have photo galleries of attics, basements, bathrooms, family rooms, hallways and every room in the house!

Home Renovation Costs

Remodeling, adding on or renovating your home – whatever you call it usually is expensive and a big project but the results can be fantastic and really improve your quality of life.  You can calculate the costs using a cost per square foot estimate – many suggest $100 to $200 per square foot.  That works for some areas and rooms, but Kitchens and Bathrooms are much more expensive.  The big drivers for home renovation costs are the design, the materials you choose and who does the work.  You can get a feel for how these variables impact the costs by trying our remodeling cost estimating calculators.

Whole Home Remodels

If you are thinking about remodeling more than a room or two we can help with that too!  Remodeling the kitchen, and a bathroom and adding on all at the same time can totally transform your home but it will come at cost.  In addition to the cost to remodel it is more likely that you will have to move out during the renovation.  The cost of remodel should include the cost of your temporary housing. A total home remodel has the big advantage of substantially changing your home all at once versus remodeling a kitchen, then a year later remodeling a bathroom and slowly making progress to remodel your entire house.  You can get a cost estimate to remodel multiple rooms in your home with our Whole House Remodel Cost Calculator.   Find design ideas from millions of pictures on line with our remodel picture search tool