Contractor installing hardwood floor

Photo by Olgar Fallas

Why does everyone talk about “remodeling cost per square foot“?  It is a common phrase and for contractors and realtor and other real estate professionals it can be a helpful number to reference.  But for you – the homeowner – it really doesn’t have much value you.  Ultimately you likely just care about the cost to have your home remodeled the way you want it $100 or $1000 a square foot, it ultimately doesn’t matter.  All that matters is does it fit your budget.

So a good first step is to get a cost to remodel estimate from our free to use remodel cost calculators.  with that in hand use our IdeaFile system to search photos and find the rooms that you like – both how they are designed and what is included with them.  With this research under your belt you can meet with a contractor or architect or interior designer and say “i have a budget of $xx dollars.  I would like the room to look like “this” when you are done.  When can we start?”  With this approach you will have a good start to your project.