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  • Finish your remodel on schedule and on budget?
  • Prevent surprises by being prepared for each step in remodeling?

If this sounds like you then you need the Remodeling Planner.

The Remodeling Planner…

  • is a personalized and customized remodeling project guide that is 50 pages long – just for you – automatically
  • sends you valuable tips and helpful solutions for your project and your schedule
  • gives you only the information you need when you need it – not before not after.
  • guides your from the first day when you start considering remodeling, through each step along the way and finally to moving back into your new home

To get your Personalized and Customized Remodeling Planner just select the type of remodeling project and when you want your project to finish. The intelligent Remodeling Planner does the rest to prepare your custom remodeling guide. The tips and solutions in the guide are delivered to you via email as your project progresses.

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Kitchen Remodel Planner

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What is the Remodeling Planner?

The Remodeling Planner is an intelligent guide that provides you tips, strategies and ideas to help with YOUR remodel. The information is personalized to your project and your schedule.

Examples of what the Remodeling Planner provides…

Week #1 – when you first start thinking about remodeling

The Remodeling Planner helps you collect design ideas, links you to the best place to find and organize photos and ideas, helps you create a budget for your project.

Week #3 –When you are ready to start hiring the help you will need

The Remodeling Planner gives you the tools you need to find, interview, and select the RIGHT contractor for your project. The planner links you to sample remodeling quotes and contracts. The Remodeling Planner will take the surprises out of your remodeling projects.

Week #6 – in the middle of the project

The Remodeling Planner gives you tips to ensure your project stays on schedule. The Planner tells you which steps are next in the remodeling process so you know what to expect and are not surprised!

Week #9- Celebrating a successful remodel completed!

The Remodeling Planner gives you the list of tasks to ensure your project ends successfully. Examples are getting a release of liens, how and when to do final payments, how,where and why to record all of your purchases

We provide all the tips, strategies and resources you need to remodel with confidence and without surprises.

How Does it work?

Based on your project description and your schedule the Remodeling Planner automatically creates a detailed remodeling guide. Then based on your schedule the Remodeling Planner sends you tips, ideas, suggestions and recommendations that are timed with your questions, needs and projects. We do not send you information before or after you need it – just what you need when you need it to remodel with confidence.

It is really free?

Yes, it is! The planner, like all our remodel cost calculators and home addition cost estimators, are provided to homeowners to inform and educate.

Does the Remodeling Planner help if I plan to do a lot of the remodeling work myself?

Yes, the Remodeling Planner is a great tool for all homeowners – if you are doing the work yourself or hiring a general contractor. The Remodeling Planner prepares you for your remodel

Where does the information in the Remodeling Planner come from?

The tips and ideas in the Remodeling Planner are the best and smartest tips available. They are from other homeowners who have completed projects and are sharing what they learned – plus tips from remodeling professionals. When you are using the Remodeling Planner you will have the opportunity to add your tips, lessons learned and suggestions to help other homeowners that will use the planner in the future.

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