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It seems like when you arent remodeling – contractors are everywhere.  But when it is your turn to update your bathroom it is hard to find – and select the best contractor for your project.  This is especially true for smaller projects of $10,000 or less.  Here are a few tips.  First is to plan on interviewing at least 5 contractors.  That may seem a lot but you will be a lot smarter after investing the time to talk with 5 different contractors which means you will make a better decision and the entire project will turn out better.  Check with your friends and neighbors to see if they know anyone.  Look on craigslist and in local newspapers.  Use our free contractor referral service – just click here.  Attend a local home and garden show – if you just missed it check the program from the show if it is available.

Considering how much time and money you will spend on your remodel – it is a great investment to spend an extra 10 hours researching and interviewing contractors so you can pick the best.

Good luck!